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How to translate theme for Osclass?

1. Open your themes directory  oc-content/ themes/ (themes name)/ languages/

2. Copy folder en_US

3.  Paste the folder in oc-content / themes / (themes name) / languages / and name it in the desired language format (for example: ru_RU) .

Language codes can be found here http://www.lingoes.net/en/translator/langcode.htm
The main thing is that the syntax is preserved (through the underscore).

After inserting the folder, the result should be like this



4. Download  and install Poedit  from here

5. After installation Poedit  , open in the newly created folder (conditionally ru_RU) the theme.po file will go through (with two clicks on the file)

A window will open:










6. Click “Fix language”



7. Choose your language (choose your option)








After click OK.

8.Start translating words










9. When all words are translated, click on Save.

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